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Thirstystone Resources, Inc. is the industry-leading manufacturer of functionally absorbent, decorative coasters. We are centrally located about an hour north of Dallas, TX, and have been in business since 1989. We are best known for our Thirstystone line of coasters, made of 100% natural sandstone. Our Ambiance, Occasions and Carsters coasters are also printed and packaged in the USA.

Our multiple coaster categories offer a variety of price points and styles, making it easier than ever to meet customers’ wants and needs. In recent years, we have expanded our product lines to include new items from a range of substrates, including wood and bamboo, glass and slate, and other natural stones, such as travertine.

During the last two decades, we have become well-known for our new product innovation and trend-right artwork collections. We currently hold over 70 collegiate licenses, as well as nearly 300 licenses with well-known artists and agents for our standard product lines. Current licenses include Thomas Kinkade, Anheuser-Busch, Debbie Mumm, Tara Reed, Jennifer Garant, Jan Shade Beach and Kathleen Parr McKenna. This wide array of talent, coupled with an experienced team of graphic artists, guarantees success in our industry.

At Thirstystone, we can easily and quickly create coaster designs and patterns to match any sort of program you may be considering, whether it be coordinating with dinnerware or table linens. We excel when collaborating to develop a coordinated, customized program across product ranges that could include coasters, glassware, paper napkins, barware, serving sets, cheeseboards and decorative accessories.