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A Message from the 3 Marthas Girls...

For almost 25 years, 3 Marthas has been known for the beautiful appliqués that delight modern mothers, while retaining hand-made classic, charm. 3 Marthas is loved by many who appreciate the incredible quality and innovative designs.

The materials we use are simply superior - thick 100% cotton terry for our towels and bibs, double-napped 100% cotton burp pads with a 6 ply center for extra absorbency. We even use only the finest trimmings - high thread count ginghams, imported grosgrain ribbons, fabulous waffle pique and more.

We're all about mixing the old with the new and the practical with the beautiful to create products that parents will use with joy.

Abby Davis became involved with 3 Marthas in 2011. After moving back to Texas from New York City, she quickly decided a corporate career in advertising was not her true passion. Abby was initially drawn to 3 Marthas because of its top-of-the-line quality. As head of the financial side of the Company, Abby loves being involved in the day-to-day business operations of 3 Marthas. She also loves to dabble in the design and other creative aspects that come with the job.

Juli Dewar became involved with 3 Marthas over 20 years ago. She took a break over for close to 17 years to raise two children (now college-age) and pursue her other passions of jewelry and knitting. We are excited to have Juli back to put her creative skills to work as head of design and product development. She feels like she's coming full circle ... when Juli first started at 3 Marthas, she was making products for her babies and her friends' babies and now she's making them for grandbabies!

Rachel Ferguson became involved with 3 Marthas in 2011 after moving home to Texas from New York City. Rachel is putting her corporate communications and public relations experience to use as head of sales and marketing for 3 Marthas. She also enjoys helping with design and other creative aspects of the business. Rachel loves being part of a company that takes pride in not only the appealing designs, but also the longevity of the products.

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